Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with Hope Centers:

  1. We invite to join in our efforts by making a financial contribution using the button on the right. Your donation may be a one-time gift, or a regular support of our ministry. Please read our Terms and Conditions for your reference.
  2. If you live in the vicinity of Las Cruces/El Paso, and would like to donate either some long-lasting food, or other items, please contact us via our contact form.
  3. From time to time, we organize ministry trips to our Hope Centers in the Philippines, Thailand and Mexico. If you would like to join us on one of the upcoming trips, please email us at
  4. Most importantly, please pray with us:
    • Pray for the Hope Centers, that they would continue to be the light of the communities and neighborhoods; that they would bring hope to the children, inspire them to grow and become agents of change in their cities. Please pray that God would meet the practical needs of running Hope Center programs.
    • Pray for protection and wisdom of pastors of the local churches, as well as all the volunteers who sacrifice their time, energy and resources for the sake of the needy. Pray for more love, patience and wisdom for all the workers and teachers as they walk alongside the children.
    • Pray for our partnering churches and their various ministries, that God’s love would continue to flow through them and into the communities they serve.
    • Pray for business partners and individual donors wherever they may be. Ask God to meet their spiritual, emotional, financial and physical needs as they support others.
    • Pray for the children in our Hope Centers, that they would come into a personal relationship with Jesus; that they would have enough food every day; that they would be able to go to school; that they would stay healthy and strong. Please pray for God’s protection over each of them as they live in harsh environments, and make difficult choices every day.
    • Pray for the parents and guardians of the chilren, that they would have jobs; that they would be role models to their children in every aspect of life.

    Also, the children in various centers have requested to pray for the following:

    • For continued good health, knowledge, wisdom and peace.
    • For God to provide for all family needs.
    • For a closer relationship with Jesus.
    • For success in their studies, and a desire to do well in school.
    • For strength to face everyday trials.
    • For God to bless donors.